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I got a request from Jewels Diva to post some photos of my CreateSpace edition of 3 LIES.  Good idea.  Thanks, Jewels.  This first shot is my son reading my book. It’s a glossy cover, so it was tough to photograph because I’m a camera noodge.  Compare it to the image of my art in the flat.

All the formatted features you will see for the interior shots were built-in to the 9×6 trim size template that I downloaded from CreateSpace.  I increased the font size of the chapter numbers, but otherwise, it is nearly identical.



There was little to change because the template is quite good.  I substituted my book and name logos for the typed versions.  I removed the word “Dedication” from that page because it was self evident.  But the section for the text was already italicized and centered on the page.


The margins need to be wider on the spine side of each page.   Already in the template. Roman numeral number pages in the first part of the book, while Arabic numerals kick in at chapter one.  Already in the template. The non-indented first paragraph of each chapter.  Already in the template. My name is listed in the header of each left page; and my title, of each right page, unless it begins a chapter.  Already in the template.

The template contained a Table of Contents which I deleted.  It serves a purpose in a digital edition of my novel, but not a hard copy.  Off with its head.

I highly recommend that you turn on the option in Word to “show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols” while you cut and paste.  The icon looks like this:

I accidentally killed a few important formatting guides along the way, but because I saw them disappear, I used my all-time-favorite UNDO function to return them to my realm.


Now for the last pages, my author contact and bio.  The template had one, but not the other.  I just copied another chapter and renamed it.  If you’ve made it this far, you can so do this.













And if this series has made the formatting process easier for you, please consider purchasing one of my novels for yourself or a thriller lover in your life.  Here are the links:

iBookstore – Amazon – Barnes & Noble

Amazon UK – Amazon DE – XinXii


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P.S. Photos by Camera Noodge



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