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BOOK 3 in the Cruise FBI Thriller Series:

Does FBI agent Claudia Seagal grieve the death of a loving boyfriend? Or did he work for a killer?

Ten years ago, Claudia accompanied her lover, Ravi, to Mazatlán for spring break. The last-minute trip was fun and romantic until he was brutally murdered. Now, she’s an FBI agent, and when a reluctant witness comes forward, she finds out that Ravi’s trip was no spring fling. It was premeditated. He went to meet a man who works for the cartel.
Struggling with betrayal, robotics expert Baxter Cruise and she travel to Mexico for answers. In the foreign country, her FBI badge is meaningless, and she can’t carry a gun to protect herself from the people who want her dead.

The director of Mexico’s national archaeological museum hires investigator Kurt Meyers (Dark Pool) to locate pre-Columbian artifacts that went missing the same time as Ravi’s murder. But a man recently released from prison leaves a trail of bodies in his search to find the artifacts first. Are the events related?

Can Claudia and Baxter find out the truth about Ravi’s death, or will the quest get them both killed?


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  • 3 LIES ~ Can kidnapping a sick woman alter the course of a nation?
  • THE MASTERS’ KEY ~ A city under siege.  Can Clint capture the ruthless destroyer?  Or will he become the next victim?
  • DEAD STORM ~ This time, the stakes can’t get more personal.
  • DARK POOL ~ $40 billion missing. Who can Maggie trust when everyone has betrayed her?
  • OCEAN OF FEAR ~ Baxter just wants to go home. It’s not his war.  But he’s the only one who can stop it.
  • SPIDER GAMES ~ Three dead in the explosion. A new terrorist group claims victory. Danger wears unexpected faces . . .
  • ECHOES FROM DEATH ~ Lost artifacts. A ten-year-old murder. Both interest the Mexican cartel.
  • Available at Amazon AU, CAUK, Barnes & Noble, Google PlayiBooks, and Kobo.


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