Book 3 of the The Masters CIA Thriller Series

Hostage to medical hackers, the First Lady is dying. DC elites can't stop it.
One man can save her, but only if he dares to face his demons...

Hackers can access your bank accounts, take control of your car, or read your personal files. What if one gripped your beating heart?
Whatever. Clint’s got his own problems. As his city smolders from a saboteur’s plot to destroy him, Clint’s company sinks deeper in the morass. Every waking moment he struggles to keep the operation alive. As the stock price tanks and his best talent leaves for companies on the rise, it’s not a problem he wants to face sober.
When a medical hacker seizes control of the First Lady’s heartbeat regulator, Clint’s products pose a new threat. With one of their own on the line, the Washington elite won’t let Clint rest until they get answers. They expect him to search for the one man Clint doesn’t want to find, but his normal sympathies won’t extend beyond his own misery.
After he reluctantly agrees to join the overseas mission, Clint returns to face a greater terror. Greater than his enemies. Greater even than his own demons.
This time it's personal. But can he stop a bomber determined to commit mass murder?

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