Book 2 of the The Masters CIA Thriller Series

A cyber terrorist holds Boston under siege but really hunts only one man.
As the city burns, not everyone at the CIA wants the truth revealed . . .

Someone wants Clint Masters to suffer. Someone will burn down the city to get revenge.
Clint’s tech company makes devices that manage the city’s infrastructure, making him a respected member of Boston’s elite—until one of his products causes a deadly accident.
Using unbreakable encryption, the devices are supposed to be safe from hackers. But as fatalities mount across the city, people question the randomness of the attacks. Isn’t Clint the only man who could unleash such destruction?
But the CIA allowed a madman to go free, and Clint’s under a gag order from their last confrontation. While the public accuses him of inflicting terror, he’s not allowed to reveal the truth about the tragedies. As his CIA contacts discover, not everyone at the Agency wants to expose the killer.
Amid city-wide panic, the public demands Clint’s arrest. He must choose. Does he go on the run to find the real terrorist or watch from a jail cell while his city burns?

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