Dad has Alzheimer’s. Could he really steal forty billion dollars?

Waiting tables isn’t the fast-track to law school, but Maggie Fender put her future on hold after her kid brother Travis was arrested for hacking. When their incoherent father is accused of murder, his name captures the attention of the SEC, a private investigator, and a vicious mobster who lost millions in an infamous hedge fund scam. Dad doesn’t move in those circles. He can barely feed himself. But Travis swears Dad is sending them messages about the heist. Right. Travis also says he was framed. She can’t rely on anyone. As the lone guardian for her ailing father and ex-con brother, Maggie can only hustle or face financial ruin.
When their father goes missing, can Maggie and Travis put aside their differences to find him? Or will the mobster find him first?

Pure dead brilliant.

. . . Helen Hanson is a major writer worth following.

Incredibly brilliant unraveling!

Helen Hanson is steadily making a name for writing excellent techno thrillers that tend to keep one fully engrossed for hours. . . .