Book 1 of The Cruise FBI Thriller Series



From Readers:


This story feels very real; the characters alive and the situations malicious.
Sharp witted thriller …
Well drawn characters. Very believable and current.
One of those you can’t put down. Excellent book!
Delightful read; just had to keep going. Many surprises, but not hokey ones.
talented way of setting each scene. A lyrical kind of storytelling …

Meet Baxter Cruise. Gifted robotics student.  Spammer for hire. 

A six-figure income softens the loss of his family while he attends college. But his cozy world of lattes and free wi-fi explodes when his hippie professor friend disappears, and Baxter discovers a lady professor’s steaming corpse.

With his secretive lifestyle, he hasn’t cultivated any real friends. When a student asks for help with a class assignment, Baxter figures it’ll throttle his funk. But the guy blackmails Baxter into programming narcotics delivery robots for a notorious cartel. Working for drug lords rattles the needle on Baxter’s errant moral compass, but it’s better than a bullet in the head.

Beautiful FBI agent Claudia Seagal tracks the professor’s brutal assassin, but every angle of her investigation returns to Baxter. He’s hiding something, and he’s in far too deep to cooperate with the law.

Hijacked from the comforts of his ivory tower, Baxter lives under constant surveillance. The cartel is in bed with dangerous allies, and they require his unique talent to complete their underwater robots. After that, Baxter is expendable.

With no one left in the world who cares about him, only survival matters. When he realizes the depravity of his involvement, it’s too late for remorse. Baxter just wants to go home.

It’s not his war.

But he’s the only one who can stop it.

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If he found some duct tape and a Hefty bag, Jim was going to bleed.

The now blinking blue LED on Konos’ left leg told Baxter he’d had an intruder.

As if he hadn’t felt the club of her subtext, she rubbed a dirty foot on his knee.

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