Book 2 of The Cruise FBI Thriller Series



From Readers:


Absolutely Brilliant!!
unique and believable characters
I have never enjoyed or been more enthralled with any book more than this thriller.
exceptionally good read
Very good story with characters who are human and a plotline that is believable.
intelligent, mesmerizing
a plot that twists and turns gently in the breeze, leaving you turning the pages to find out what happens next
another riveting adventure
plot twists and hints of more mayhem on succeeding pages.
Greatly enjoyed the book
Loved this book and all the others.
Spider Games really worked for me and I loved it all!

Three dead in the explosion. A new terrorist group claims victory.

Danger wears unexpected faces . . .

When police pull the bloated corpse of a young woman out of the Pajaro River, FBI agent Claudia Seagal becomes a central figure in the investigation. Was the woman murdered by human traffickers? If so, where are they holding the others captive?

Hard work is good therapy for grad student Baxter Cruise, who mourns a friend’s ultimate betrayal. At least Baxter’s drone fleet responds as predicted and might earn him a future. When a major investor asks Baxter to join a hot robotics company, Baxter’s professional prospects glisten.

Even his relationship with Claudia borders on happiness, something he hasn’t experienced since losing his parents in an auto accident. But clouds from his dark past threaten to destroy both dreams.

As Claudia tracks a killer, Baxter becomes the prime suspect in another bombing.

Was he framed? Or is someone else the real target?

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The punk was probably casing the joint or looking for one.

Jeannie Welch’s shrill voice could pierce the hull of an M1 Abrams.

The smell of putrefied flesh overwhelmed her, and she dry-heaved once before her reflexes complied with FBI regulations.

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