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Book 2 of the Cruise FBI Thriller Series!SG_3_S

THE MASTERS’ KEY ~ Now an Audiobook!
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Other works available at Amazon AU, CAUK, Barnes & Noble, Google PlayiBooks, and Kobo.



  • 3 LIES ~ Can kidnapping a sick woman alter the course of a nation?
  • THE MASTERS’ KEY ~ A city under siege  Can Clint capture a ruthless maniac?  Or will he become the next victim?
  • DEAD STORM ~ This time, the stakes can’t get more personal.
  • DARK POOL ~ $40 billion missing. Who can Maggie trust when everyone has betrayed her?
  • OCEAN OF FEAR ~ Baxter just wants to go home. It’s not his war.  But he’s the only one who can stop it.
  • SPIDER GAMES ~ Three dead in the explosion. A new terrorist group claims victory. Danger wears unexpected faces . . .
  • Available at Amazon AU, CAUK, Barnes & Noble, Google PlayiBooks, and Kobo.


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