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September 5, 2022
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Beth is missing. Only Clint knows she’s in danger.
The blatant lies concerning her whereabouts leave him unsettled and alarmed.
A tech exec dropout, Clint Masters is in love with Beth, who requires routine blood dialysis to survive. As each hour passes without filtering, her blood turns more toxic, while Clint’s more cold with terror.
Meanwhile at Langley, someone hacked the CIA computers. Now certain field agents no longer respond to command. Langley must determine whether the agents are in danger, or worse—they’ve gone rogue.
When CIA officers investigate, they intercept Clint in his search for Beth. Time is running out for her survival, but he refuses to let Beth die without a fight.
An intense thriller, Clint struggles against an unknown enemy until the shocking conclusion.
“. . . she has an artistry that is hard to deny.”—Seattle Intelligencer
Grab your copy now, and watch Clint rage against the DC machine.