The Cruise FBI Thriller Box Set - Books 1 - 3, hacker, cyber crime, cia thrillers, spy novels, espionage and spy thrillers, fbi thrillers, terrorism thrillers, technothrillers, psychological thriller, drone wars, police procedural, terrorist thrillers, mexico, drug cartel,
September 5, 2022
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With her father’s life in danger, Maggie has no one left she can trust.
For Maggie Fender, a law degree remains a daydream as she struggles to support her family. Her brother’s an ex-felon with a hacking conviction that landed him in prison and trashed the family’s reputation, but he swears he was framed.
Her dad’s Alzheimer’s renders him rarely lucid, but that fact doesn’t stop the police from arresting him for murder.
Her father can barely function, but her hacker brother swears Dad knows something about billions missing from a dark pool hedge fund. The disgraced money manager scammed thousands of people with his con, including a Russian mobster who wants his money and revenge.
When a private investigator and the Russian mobster focus their attention on Maggie’s father, she’s plunged into rampant fear. She’s the only adult in her family, and her weary camel won’t carry a single extra straw.
When Dad goes missing from home, thepolice assume he wandered off in a senile daze. But Maggie knows the truth, and she must trust someone to help find her father before he’s murdered by the Russian mob.
A breath-holding sprint to the shocking end.
“Complex, well-plotted thriller – great airplane read.”
Get your copy now, and brace for another stunning conclusion.